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Accessories (Level)

PMC - Moisture Protection Reference Volume (P/N: MP11)
Provides total isolation of the vent tube from atmosphere by utilization of a custom bladder which changes volume with barometric pressure. Maintenance free.
$ 0.00
PMC - Sink Weight for VL2000 Wastewater Transmitter (P/N: SW2000)
Provides a “cage” sink weight/anchor for VL2000 Series transmitters installed on the bottom of wastewater or sewage lift tanks. 4” high x 4” dia. and approximately 6 lbs.
$ 0.00
PMC - TE 11 Termination Enclosure
Standard Enclosure with MP-11/DIN Rail Terminals. Lightening protection available. Great field termination for vented gauge pressure transducers and transmitters.
$ 0.00
PMC - Sensor Termination Enclosure (P/N: TE10)
Polycarbonate IP65 (NEMA 4X) rated termination enclosure for vented pressure transmitters, uses Dri-Box Desiccant.
$ 0.00