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Apps & Software

In-Situ - VuSitu Mobile App
Connect using an Apple iOs or Android cell phone or tablet to an In-Situ® Inc. instrument for collecting data. View, store, and email field data.
$ 0.00
In-Situ - Wireless TROLL Com (P/N: 0031240)
The Wireless TROLL Com provides wireless communication between a cabled, deployed Aqua TROLL or Level TROLL instrument and a PC/laptop or Android mobile device.
$ 595.00
In-Situ - 7-inch Rugged Android Tablet (P/N: 0061150)
Use this six-inch Rugged Android 8.1 Device with the VuSitu mobile app and your Aqua TROLL or Level TROLL instrument for instant data and spot-checking results.
$ 595.00
In-Situ - Win-Situ Software
PC/laptop software used with In-Situ equipment, used for collecting water quality and quantity data.
$ 0.00