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DPI620 Genii-IS

DPI620 Genii Intrinsic Safe Multifunction Calibrator Series
Druck - DPI 620 Genii-IS Intrinsic Safe Multifunction Calibrator
Intrinsic-Safe Multifunction Calibrator with electrical, frequency, temperature functions; optional pressure measurement/generation, HART, foundation fieldbus and/or Profibus
Starting at:
$ 7,998.00
Druck - DPI620 Genii-IS Pressure Modules (IPM620S)
DPI620 Genii Intrinsic Safe, Standard Accuracy Pressure Modules. Used with the PV621-IS, PV622-IS, PV623-IS pressure stations, or the MC620-IS Pressure Module Carrier.
$ 2,118.00
Druck - PM620TS - TERPS Intrinsic Safe - High Accuracy Pressure Modules
DPI620 Genii Intrisic Safe, HIGH Accuracy "TERPS" Pressure Modules. Used with the PV621G, PV622G, PV623G pressure stations, or the MC620G pressure module carrier.
Starting at:
$ 2,575.00
GE Druck - Intrinsic Safe Pressure Module Carrier (MC620-IS)
Pressure module carrier attaches to the DPI620 Genii-IS. Can hold two pressure modules, either the PM620-IS (standard accuracy) or the PM620TS (TERPS high accuracy).
$ 926.00
Druck - PV621-IS, PV622-IS, PV623-IS Pressure Generation Stations
PV621-IS, PV622-IS and PV623-IS Pressure Stations for DPI620-IS Multifunction Calibrator
$ 2,701.00
Druck - 4Sight2 Calibration Management Software
Use your Google Chrome web browser on any PC or tablet; provides full visibility of all your available assets, instruments, and resources that affect your site.
Starting at:
$ 2,705.00