Platform (DPI620 Genii-IS)

DPI620 Genii Intrinsic Safe Multifunction Calibrator Series
Druck - DPI 620 Genii-IS Intrinsic Safe Multifunction Calibrator
Intrinsic-Safe Multifunction Calibrator with electrical, frequency, temperature functions; optional pressure measurement/generation, HART, foundation fieldbus and/or Profibus
Starting at:
$ 8,134.00
Druck - PM620-IS - DPI620 Genii-IS Pressure Modules
DPI620 Genii Intrinsic Safe, Standard Accuracy Pressure Modules. Used with the PV621-IS, PV622-IS, PV623-IS pressure stations, or the MC620-IS Pressure Module Carrier.
$ 2,146.00
Druck - PM620TS - TERPS Intrinsic Safe - High Accuracy Pressure Modules
DPI620 Genii Intrisic Safe, HIGH Accuracy "TERPS" Pressure Modules. Used with the PV621G, PV622G, PV623G pressure stations, or the MC620G pressure module carrier.
Starting at:
$ 2,608.00
Druck - Intrinsic Safe Pressure Module Carrier (P/N: MC620-IS)
Pressure module carrier attaches to the DPI620 Genii-IS. Can hold two pressure modules, either the PM620-IS (standard accuracy) or the PM620TS (TERPS high accuracy).
$ 941.00
Druck - PV621-IS, PV622-IS, PV623-IS Pressure Generation Stations
PV621-IS, PV622-IS and PV623-IS Pressure Stations for DPI620-IS Multifunction Calibrator
$ 2,749.00
Druck - 4Sight2 Calibration Management Software
Works with all Druck pressure, multifunction, TC Series Temperature portable calibrators, PACE Pressure Controllers and Indicators. Use your Google Chrome web browser on any PC or tablet; provides full visibility of all your available assets, instruments, and resources that affect your site.
Starting at:
$ 3,322.00