EdgeTech - 1500 - Portable Battery Powered Dew Point Hygrometer
Battery Powered Portable Dew Point Monitor, Chilled Mirror Sensor Technology (dew point accuracies to +/-0.1°C)
Starting at:
$ 3,300.00
EdgeTech - PDM75 - Portable DewMaster - Dew Point Hygrometer
Portable DewMaster (Dew Point Monitor using Chilled Mirror Sensor Technology); dew point accuracies to +/-0.1°C
Starting at:
$ 3,750.00
EdgeTech - RH-CAL - Portable Calibrator - %RH, Dew Point, Temperature
Transportable, NIST-Traceable Relative Humidity Generator and Calibration Unit, Accuracies +/-0.5% RH, Temperature +/-0.1C and Dew Point +/-0.2C
$ 13,950.00
EdgeTech - PPM2 - Portable Trace Moisture Analyzer
Portable Trace Moisture Analyzer, P2O5 Sensor Technology, capable of measuring dew points from 0.0 to 1250 PPMv
Starting at:
$ 5,695.00