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CO2-Transmitters & Switches

E+E - EE800 - CO2, Temperature and Humidity Room Transmitter
Dual wavelength NDIR CO2 measurement principle with outstanding temperature compensation and long-term stability. High end E+E capacitive humidity sensor. Elegant snap-on enclosure with optional display, BACnet, Modbus or analog outputs, optional passive T sensor.
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$ 270.00
E+E - EE820 CO2 Transmitter for demanding applications
With robust enclosure and integrated filter, the EE820 is the perfect solution for hatchers, incubators, greenhouses or life stock barns.
Starting at:
$ 421.00
E+E - EE850 Duct Mount CO2 and Temperature Transmitter
Combines a CO2 sensor and a Temperature sensor in an innovative enclosure and it is the ideal duct mount CO2 and temperature transmitter for building automation.
Starting at:
$ 393.00
E+E - EE870 Modular CO2 Transmitter
Voltage, current loop, and Modbus outputs. The pluggable, interchangeable probe operates on the dual wavelength NDIR principal, with auto calibration and outstanding temperature compensation.
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$ 653.00