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E+E - HUMOR 20 - High-precision Humidity Calibrator
The HUMOR 20 generates relative humidity in the range 10-95% RH and can accommodate probes diameter 8-25.5 mm (0.3-1"), and data loggers or room mount humidity sensors.
Starting at:
$ 20,260.00
E+E - OMNIPORT30 Multifunctional Handheld Indicator
Handheld meter with interchangeable digital probes for accurate measurement of humidity, temperature, CO2, air velocity and volumetric flow.
Starting at:
$ 885.00
E+E - OILPORT30 Moisture in Oil Handheld Indicator
For moisture measurement in mineral and synthetic oils. The probe can be installed and removed without interrupting the process using the optional ball valve set.
Starting at:
$ 2,209.00