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Moisture in Oil

E+E - EE360 Moisture in Oil Transmitter
Transmitter for online monitoring of moisture in industrial oils and diesel fuel. The remote probe can be easily installed and removed with the optional ball valve.
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$ 1,746.00
E+E - EE381 Compact Moisture in Oil Transmitter
Select your configuration as either a transmitter or a switch. Applications are for lubrication, hydraulic and insulation oils, as well as diesel fuel.
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$ 1,132.00
E+E - EE364 Compact Moisture in Oil Transmitter
Compact and rugged inline moisture in oil transmitter with high accuracy and excellent long-term stability.
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$ 600.00
E+E - EE300Ex-M1 Humidity & Temperature Transmitter (Intrinsically Safe)
For measurement in explosion hazard areas, with classifications for Europe (ATEX), International (IECEx) and USA / Canada (FM) and can be employed in gas and dust explosion hazard areas.
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$ 2,792.00
E+E - OILPORT30 Moisture in Oil Handheld Indicator
For moisture measurement in mineral and synthetic oils. The probe can be installed and removed without interrupting the process using the optional ball valve set.
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$ 2,209.00