Temperature Sensors (E+E)

E+E - EE10-T Room Temperature Sensor
Designed for HVAC indoor applications, high accuracy, long-term stability, 23 to 131°F temp range. Analog, Modbus, BACnet or passive output in an elegant, easy to install enclosure.
Starting at:
$ 131.95
E+E - EE431 Duct / Immersion Temperature Sensor
Designed for air and liquid measurement in ducts and pipes. Outputs can be passive / active (analog) for building automation and process control.
Starting at:
$ 50.57
E+E - EE441 Strap-on Temperature Sensor
Designed for temperature measurement on round ducts and pipes in applications like heating systems and solar collectors.
Starting at:
$ 41.49
E+E - EE451 Wall Mounted Temperature Sensor
Wall mounted, measuring range from -40 to 158°F, passive or active outputs, ±0.54°F accuracy
Starting at:
$ 32.94
E+E - EE461/EE462 Cable Temperature Sensor
Passive temperature measurement, IP65 / NEMA 4 protection rated, cable lengths up to 9.8ft (3 meters)
Starting at:
$ 18.52
E+E - EE471 Temperature Sensor with Remote Probe
Temperature sensor with remote probe, ranges up to 221°F, ±0.54°F accuracy. Various types of sensing elements such as Pt1000, NTC10k or Ni1000 are available for passive temperature measurement.
Starting at:
$ 46.48