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Flow Meters (In-Situ)

Flow Meters, used in industrial and wastewater markets, measure water flow in pipes (full or partially full), open channels, weirs, culverts and more.
In-Situ - FloPro XCi - Flow and Water Quality Monitor
Monitor wastewater, stormwater and industrial flows in full pipes, partially full pipes and open channels
Starting at:
$ 2,579.50
In-Situ - AgriFlo XCi - Water Meter and Farm Monitor
Monitors inputs as diverse as irrigation flows, farm wastewater flows, water quality, dam levels, soil moisture, and pump/engine management systems.
Starting at:
$ 2,236.00
In-Situ - HydroMace XCi - Water Environmental Monitor
Monitors inputs ranging from flumes and weirs, water quality sensors and rainfall gauges, drinking water flows (leak detection), and weather stations.
Starting at:
$ 1,644.50
In-Situ - HVFlo XCi - Portable Waterproof Logging Flow Meter
Waterproof, high performance battery operated open channel flow monitoring solution for wastewater, stormwater and industrial discharge applications.
Starting at:
$ 3,151.00