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Humidity-for Process Control

E+E - EE310 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
In addition to highly accurate measurement of relative humidity and temperature, the transmitter also calculates parameters such as dew point, absolute humidity and mixing ratio.
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$ 1,111.00
E+E - EE300Ex Humidity & Temperature Transmitter (Intrinsically Safe)
For measurement in explosion hazard areas, with classifications for Europe (ATEX), International (IECEx) and USA / Canada (FM) and can be employed in gas and dust explosion hazard areas.
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$ 2,518.00
E+E - EE23 Humidity & Temperature Transmitter (High Accuracy)
A cost optimized transmitter for industrial and high-end HVAC applications up to 180°C (356°F). Dew/Frost point temperature precisely calculated from RH and temperature.
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$ 639.00
E+E - EE210 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
High accuracy measurements of relative humidity and temperature in demanding climate control applications.
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$ 228.00
E+E - EE220 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Interchangeable sensing probes (Ordered Separately, Model EE07 or EE03), remote sensing probe option up to 32.8ft, measuring ranges 0 to 100% RH / -40 to 176°F
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$ 339.00
E+E - EE211 RH & Temperature Transmitter for Continuous High Humidity
Excellent long-term performance in high humidity and condensing environments; employs a heated humidity probe
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$ 400.00
E+E - EE33 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
Optimised for reliable humidity and temperature measurement in for applications with temporary condensation, permanent high humidity or chemical exposure.
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$ 1,363.00
E+E - EE33-M Meteorological Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
EE33-M is optimized for reliable humidity and temperature measurement in high-end meteorology applications.
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$ 2,691.00
E+E - Humlog 20 Data Logger
Data logger for Humidity, Temperature, Air Pressure, CO2 and external sensors with analog inputs
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$ 693.00