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Pressure-Sensors: (Digital)

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Pressure Sensors with Digital Outputs: RS232, RS485, I2C
GE Druck - 8100 Series "TERPS" Pressure Sensing Platform
For use with clean, dry, non-corrosive gases. Trenched-Etched-Resonating-Pressure-Sensor, High Accuracy (to +/-0.01% FS)
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$ 964.00
GE Druck - DPS5000 Digital Pressure Sensing Platform
I2C digital interface, ranges from 70 mbar to 100 bar, ±0.1% FS accuracy, stainless steel construction
Starting at:
$ 329.00
GE Druck - PRECISE DPS2000 Series Digital Pressure Transmitter
Ultra high accuracy digital pressure for high pressure measurements (+/-0.01% FS, pressure ranges from 0 to 50 bar to 0 to 1480 bar)
Starting at:
$ 5,574.00
GE Druck - DPS812A, DPS812B, DPS812C - Barometric Pressure Sensors
Highly Accurate and Stable (to +/-0.01% FS per Year). Recommended for use with "Absolute" pressure referenced PTX1830 and PTX1835 Submersible Pressure Sensors. Eliminates the need for an STE (Sensor Termination Enclosure) for maintenance-free operation.
Starting at:
$ 945.00