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EdgeTech - AcuDew Aluminum Oxide Moisture Transmitter
High capacitance aluminum oxide sensing element, with dew point range down to -120°C to -20°C (-184°F to -4°F). Field Span Verification (FSV) allows calibration in the field.
Starting at:
$ 1,495.00
EdgeTech - PPM1 - Trace Moisture Analyzer
Trace Moisture Analyzer, P2O5 Sensor Technology, capable of measuring dew points from 0.0 to 1250 1250 PPMv
Starting at:
$ 3,700.00
EdgeTech - PPM2 - Portable Trace Moisture Analyzer
Portable Trace Moisture Analyzer, P2O5 Sensor Technology, capable of measuring dew points from 0.0 to 1250 PPMv
Starting at:
$ 4,600.00
Phymetrix - Model PPMa Portable Moisture Analyzer
Small, light and fast dewpoint measure times, includes 1/8" Swagelok® compression fittings for easy connection to your process
Starting at:
$ 4,500.00
Phymetrix - Model PPBa Benchtop Moisture Analyzer
Fast dewpoint measure times, with built-in metering valve and flow meter, no need for external pressure regulator etc…
Starting at:
$ 5,000.00
Phymetrix - Model PDPa - DewPatrol Compressed Air Moisture Analyzer
Accuracy: ±2˚C, Use as a Battery Powered Portable or Permanently installed On-Line at a very low cost, all process connections included
Starting at:
$ 1,950.00
Phymetrix - Model PLMa - Loop Powered Moisture Analyzer
-100°C to +20°C dewpoint Sensor range, 316 Stainless Steel and PTFE wetted parts, built-in temperature compensation
Starting at:
$ 1,500.00
Phymetrix - Model ExMa Explosion-Proof Moisture Analyzer
Complete Moisture Analyzer and Sampling System, Approved Explosion-Proof Installations USA, Canada, ATEX
Starting at:
$ 3,300.00
CALIBRATION SERVICE - for Trace Moisture Products
Premium Calibration Service: As Left and As Found with Data for All Brands of Trace Moisture Products (not just Phymetrix)
Starting at:
$ 475.00
EdgeTech - 6740 Series - Compressed Air Transmitters
The 6740 Series incorporates a ±1% maintenance free humidity probe ideal for checking humidity measurements for validation of critical environments. Dew point measuring range of -45C to +30C, 1/4" NPT process connection
Starting at:
$ 1,270.00
EdgeTech - Sentinel - Low Cost Trace Moisture Transmitters
Low cost trace moisture measurement system, featuring a multi-sense polymer sensor that measures humidity, temperature and pressure and calculates trace moisture concentration in PPMv.
Starting at:
$ 2,132.00