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******** The INTECAL v10 is No Longer Manufactured ********   

SensorPros recommends the  "GE Druck 4SIGHT2 Calibration Software" as its direct replacement.

GE Druck
INTECAL v10 Calibration Management Software  (Part Number:  INTECAL10) 

Manufactured by GE Druck

Intecal v10 is a simple to use software application for managing the calibration cycles and historical data of process instrumentation. It provides an asset database with defined procedures that can be downloaded to portable field calibrators, or run in real-time with workshop and laboratory calibration equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • User accounts and access levels
  • Asset database
  • Automated scheduling
  • Defined procedures
  • Supports portable field and fixed workshop calibrators
  • Data analysis, certificate generation, archiving
  • Extensive connectivity including the DPI 611, DPI 612, DPI 620 and PACE series of instruments

    Intecal supports Druck pressure, temperature and electrical equipment and provides users with significant benefits:

    • Increases calibration/maintenance productivity
    • Automates the calibration process.
    • Optimizes production quality
    • Minimizes production costs.
    • Reduces the burden of ISO 9000 and similar quality, safety and environmental standards.
    • Reduces documentation time and errors.