Gas Sensor Technologies used with TA2102

The Mil-Ram Model TA2102 "smarter" Fix Gas Detector is a 2-Wire current loop device which limits its use the low power electrochemical type sensors. Mil-Ram offers many of these sensors to choose from, such as chlorine, bromine, fluorine, iodine, ammonia as the most commonly used.

For a complete list of electrochemical gases MIl-Ram offers, please visit the "Detectable-Gases" tab.

Electrochemical Gas Sensor

Electrochemical sensing devices basically consist of electrodes surrounded by an electrolyte solution enclosed behind a gas permeable, hydrophobic membrane. Gas molecules diffuse across the membrane to enter the electrode/electrolyte interface where chemical and electrochemical reactions occur to generate measurable electrical current flow. Current flow is directly related to gas concentration over the specified detection range. In the absence of target gas, negligible electrical current flows and consequently, a definite zero is achieved and maintained (no zero drift). A combination of electrodes and electrolyte chemistry largely determines the type of gas detected and provides inherent chemical selectivity. Elimination of zero drift and corresponding false alarms are critical elements of the Mil-Ram patented electrochemical detection method.