Model TA-2016HB - Hybrid Gas Detection Controller

by Mil-Ram Technologies


  • Use any Mil-Ram Model TA-2100 or TA-2102 smarter Gas Detectors
  • Electrochemical, Infrared, Photo-Ionization (PID) and Catalytic sensor technologies to provide best solution for a particular application
  • 8 or 16 Channel System utilizing Modbus Network architecture and/or Analog I/O
  • Multi-drop smarter Gas Detector Network eliminates separate (costly) wiring to each detector. Shared Network and power cables greatly reduces cost
  • LCD display auto-scrolls to provide channel data and comprehensive fault diagnostics
  • Auto-Configuration Wizard makes channel configuration simple and automatic
  • Relay Outputs: low, mid, high and fault conditions. SPDT rated 10 Amp.
  • Remote Relay Module option: can be conveniently installed at any point on Network, close to alarms or equipment requiring relay control
  • Analog Output Module option: provides discrete 4-20mA outputs per channel
  • Digital Output Module option: provides Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP Ethernet output to PLC or other Centralized Control System
  • Digital Input Module option: provides interface to emergency shut-off switch 
  • Control one or more Remote Alarm Stations with audible & visible alarms
  • Can be used with Mil-Ram's Wireless Telemetry System
  • Continuous Advanced Diagnostics: all gas detectors and Network devices constantly monitored to provide immediate acknowledgement of any fault condition