TA2102 Sample Draw Fixed Gas Detector

by Mil-Ram Technologies

Ambient gas detectors normally operate in a diffusion mode in many applications with the gas transported to the sensor by convection, wind and other means. In some instances, conditions warrant the use of an extractive, sample drawing type configuration: the environment may be too harsh for sensor installation, the sensor would be inaccessible for routine maintenance, the sample point is in a confined area such as a duct or exhaust. Under certain conditions, the sample drawing system provides opportunity to install the gas detector at an accessible location and the on-board integral pump continuously draws gas from the designated sample location. A specialized pump, designed for handling corrosive and hostile gases is utilized to provide optimum service in difficult industrial environments.


No False Alarms utilizing stable, field-proven sensor technologies:
      1. Electrochemical Sensor technology
    • Highly selective for specified target Gas
    • No zero drift with changes in ambient conditions
    • Self-Calibration adjusts span based on sensor life curve
    • Non-Intrusive field Calibration using magnet
    • LCD display: 12 characters x 2 lines. Provides user interface with magnetic switches
    • Not affected by temperature -40 deg. C to +50 deg. C
    • Offsite sensor calibration with sensor embedded memory chip
    • Peak value, 15-min. TWA, Remaining Sensor Life, Replace Sensor indication and number of days since last gas calibration
    • Can be used with Mil-Ram's Wireless Telemetry System
    • Hazardous area certified enclosures, Class I, Groups B,C,D
    • Optional Stainless Steel Enclosures
    • Continuous Advanced Diagnostics