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The Tox-Box is a single channel, portable area monitor. The Tox-Box can utilize one of several different sensor technologies (Electrochemical, Infrared, Photo-Ionization) depending on the target gas and application requirements. The Tox-Box is designed field-rugged with exceptional protection from environmental elements. A continuous sample drawing configuration ensures rapid sampling. The Tox-Box is powered by an on-board, rechargeable battery for reliable operation and performance. A continuous operation adapter is available where external AC power is available. The Tox-Box is available for detection of several different toxic gases and vapors including numerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

  • Channel Capacity:  Single Channel
  • Sensor Technologies:  Electrochemical, Infrared, or Photo-Ionization (PID)
  • Operator Interface:  Backlit LCD display and push button switches
  • Power Source:  Internal 12 VDC lead-acid battery, AC Adapter
  • Alarm Relays:  Low, mid, high, fault; SPDT rated 10 Amp.
  • Temperature Range:  -25 deg. C to +55 deg. C
  • Humidity Range:  10 - 90% RH, non-condensing
  • Output:  Analog 4-20mA
  • Enclosure:  Ultra High Impact Copolymer, Double Throw Latches, Weather Resistant