Spec Sheets

There is no dedicated product data sheet for just the PDCR5030/1 or PDCR5040/1 alone.
However, the specifications are contained in the main UNIK5000 Pressure Sensing Platform data sheet:

UNIK5000 - Pressure Sensing Platform Datasheet  PDF

Supporting Specifications

EZG-UNIK5000 - Pressure Connection Ports  PDF

EZG-A08-DL-Acc_V2 - Depth/Level Accessories  PDF


Summary Brochures 

Depth-Summary_GE-Druck  PDF


Pressure / Level Handbook
(Needs to be revised with current products, but it contains much good fundamental application information for applying submersible depth/level pressure sensors) 

LEVEL-Handbook_GE-Druck  PDF