The submersible GE Druck PDCR5040 (passive mV output) and PDCR5041 (Linearized mV output) are all stainless steel Submersible Pressure Transducers.  They were specifically designed for level and depth measurements and are ideal for use in applications where there are hydrocarbons dissolved in water.  The hytrel cable is hydrocarbon resistant so it won't dissolve in contaminated water as polyurethane cable would.

An advanced micro-machined silicon piezo resistive pressure sensor provides excellent performance and resistance to shock and vibration.  With an operating range from 1 to 10,000 psi (2.31 to 23,066.59 FT H2O), these sensors are easily customizable to your needs.

The vented hytrel cable is attached to the transducer body, providing a high integrity, waterproof assembly.  The cable is strengthened with Kevlar so that there is no measurable elongation when the cable is lowered into deep wells.  Depending on your needs, the PDCR5040 and PDCR5041 sensors have multiple lengths of cable ranging from 3 feet (included) up to 600 feet maximum. 

The chief difference between the two models are:

Base Model

Excitation Voltage

Available Accuracy Classes


2.5 to 12 Vdc

A1 (+/- 0.2% FS)
A2 (+/- 0.1% FS)  


7 to 12 Vdc

A1 (+/- 0.2% FS)
A2 (+/- 0.1% FS)
A3 (+/- 0.04% FS)