MachineSaver - (Model:  VTB-4X-ENCL-1)
Enclosure, NEMA 4X (IP65), smoke cover, sub panel with 35mm DIN-Rail. 

MachineSaver - (Model:  VTB-SST-ENCL)
Enclosure, 303 Stainless Steel with hinge cover,  DIN-Rail. 
MachineSaver - (Model:  VTB-EXP-ENCL)
Enclosure, dome cover, Class I, Div I, Groups B, C, D, with (2) 3/4 inch NPT conduit entries.

MachineSaver - (Model:  PowerSupply)
Single Phase Input:  90 VAC to 160 VAC Output:  +24Vdc


MachineSaver -  (Model:  VTB-COM)
Communications Gateway, (4) channels with up to 10 VTB sensors per channel, for a total of 40 VTB sensors


MachineSaver -  (Model:  VTB-T-PORT-1)
Industrial conduit T-PORT, Class 1, Div.2 Certification, used to interconnect multiple VTB-Sensors together into a network.