MachineSaver - T-Port
Industrial conduit T-PORT, Class 1, Div.2 Certification, used to interconnect multiple VTB-Sensors together into a network.


MachineSaver - Field Cable for T-Port Connectivity
Field Cable + Corregated Conduit (Unit Cost = Per Foot). Used to connect the T-Ports together. Mandatory Purchase.


MachineSaver - MachineGate
(Includes MachineSaver.IO Vibration Analysis Software)

Cellular and Serial Communications Gateway for the VTB-Sensor; low cost yet highly capable and rugged cellular for vibration monitoring and many other industrial remote monitoring and control applications.

MachineSaver - (Model: VTB-EX-ENCL-2)
Explosion Proof, Class 1 Div.1 Enclosure, used to protect the VTB-Sensor, which is mounted inside
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