1500 - Portable Battery Powered Dew Point Hygrometer - DESCRIPTION 
by EdgeTech Instruments

APPLICATION: The Model 1500 Portable Dew Point Hygrometer is a precision hygrometer based on the chilled mirror sensor platform. Because of the many sensor configurations available, the model 1500 may be used in many types of applications including performance testing of Dryers in the field, furnace monitoring, process troubleshooting, scientific study, HVAC test cells, engine test cells, pharmaceutical quality test labs, high purity welding, aeronautics, pharmaceutical fluid bed monitoring, Environmental chambers, and many more.

DESCRIPTION: The Model 1500 is most commonly used in the battery powered model but is limited to using the DS2 remote sensor probe or the S2 sensor. Any of the S series sensors may be used with the 1500 VAC model. If you need the X3 series sensor, use the PDM75. The system may be coupled with a variety of chilled mirror sensors depending on the desired lowest dew point needed for the application. Chilled mirror sensors are available in 2 or 3 stage configurations, flow through or insertion probe sampling, and choice of mirror construction for chemical compatibility. The 1500 can also accommodate precision temperature probes and pressure transducers. Temperature measurement provides information required to calculate RH%, wet bulb and dry bulb units. Pressure measurement provides information required to calculate PPMv, PPMw, Gr/LB, Gr/Kg and other psychometric values.