Selling with SensorPros

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SensorPros is looking for major manufactures to list on our website.


SensorPros believes in maintaining a very strong web presence in tandem with:

  • Quality phone technical phone support
  • Quality customer service
  • Outside sales LOCAL sales support:
      • Customer visits
      • Trade shows
      • Lunch and learn presentations
      • Seminars
      • And etc.
The web site is an essential tool in the sales effort but SensorPros believes outside sales people are also important in the proactive sales efforts of your products:
      • We will work with every principal / brand / vendor to cater to their needs for a strong web presence without disruption of your existing outside sales channels
      • We will work with your existing representatives, pay them a commission that is fair
      • If necessary, we will put together a representative network for you


    • An exclusive place for your company to feature your products:
        • Within the website, we will generate an exlusive sub website featuring your company, and your products
        • If possible, we prefer to implement your entire product line for a robust web presence for your customers to shop your products
    • Each of your products has its own page:
        • Real time pricing tools for each product supporting the simplest to the most complex product configurations
        • Accessories are easily found for each product that requires them
        • Delivery times are listed for each product
        • Each product is Search Engine Optimized
    • TABS highlight each important feature of your product:
        • Overview tab: overview of your product’s main features
        • Description: description of your product
        • Documentation: data sheets, videos, manuals etc.
        • Accessories: all ancillary products and accessories that support the product are listed
        • Notes: special instructions, notes on the product


    • No competing product lines
        • Your brand is completely implemented on our web site to the maximum detail possible
        • Each page is search engine optimized
    • SensorPros is Manufacturers Representative friendly:
        • If your company maintains a manufactures representative network, we fully support what you have in place.
        • The customer can easily find the representative in their area directly from the product page they are shopping, and schedule a demo, call or e-mail them if they wish, directly from the SensorPros website
    • SensorPros will buy and resell your product
        • We will pay your representatives a commission when selling product at list price through our website
        • OEM sales details to be worked out with each brand per their needs


        • Provide training for our Engineers and deliver the required material for our website.
        • Offer SensorPros your best distributor/catalog discount for listing on our e-commerce website.
        • Provide your list of existing representatives and let us list them on our website


        For further discussion:

        Please contact Tom Dugan, President:

        • Phone:  877-610-5110  Extension 101
        • E-mail: