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Sinkweights for 1800 Series (P/N: 222-116-01 and DA2608-1-01) - OVERVIEW
17.5 mm Diameter Sinkweights for Druck 1800 Series Submersible Sensors.
Manufactured by:  Druck

The differences in the sink weights are as follows:

  • P/N:  DA2608-1-01:  Total length is 8 inches long, and includes adaptor P/N:  222-119-01, which enables the sink weight to screw onto the 1800 Series Sensor.
  • P/N:  222-116-01:  7.4 inches long, does not include the adaptor which would enable you to plug onto your 1800 Series Sensor

Sink Weights are an accessory with the products below:

  • Druck 1800 Series Submersible Pressure Level Sensors (PTX1830/PTX1835, PTX1840/PTX1845, PDCR1830, PDCR1840)
  • GE Druck PTX 1730 Pressure Sensor
    (No Longer Manufactured)
  • GE Druck PTX1230 & PTX1235 Submersible Pressure Transmitter
    (No Longer Manufactured)
  • GE Druck PTX1280 & PTX1880 Submersible Pressure Transmitter
    (No Longer Manufactured)