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EdgeTech -  SS Sintered Cap (Model:  SS)
Stainless Steel Sintered Cap


EdgeTech - Compressed Air Module "CAM"  (Model:  CAM)
Compressed Air Module typcially used with the EdgeTech Models 6742/6744, Sentry or  Sentinel Trace Moisture Dew Point Transmitters.

EdgeTech - Measuring Chamber for 6740 Series  (Model:  PC)
 Measuring Chamber for measuring dew point – for optimal flows past the sensor (adjustable valve) and quick installation.


EdgeTech - Precision SS Measuring Chamber (Model PMC)
For measuring dew point, includes precision metering valve.


EdgeTech -  Connection Plug (Model:  CP)

Connection Plug with two outputs (alarm plug), 4-20mA (2 wire), plus 2 limited signal outputs (floating), plus two LEDS

EdgeTech -  Wall Mount Adapter (Model:  AC)

Wall Mount Power Adapter: Allows you to plug into 110 VAC 60 Hz for power