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DPI610 / 615 IS - Intrinsic Safe Pressure Calibrators - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

The Druck DPI 610 / 615 IS Pressure Calibrators are Intrinsic Safe, and combines practical design with state-of-the-art performance. The DPI 610 / 615 Calibrators are self-contained, battery-powered and contains a pressure generator, fine pressure control, and output measurement capabilities as well as facilities for 4-20mA loop testing and data storage.

The DPI 610 and DPI 615 calibrators are functionally the same, except the DPI 615 version calculates errors and reports the pass/fail status during field tests. Problems and failures can be analyzed graphically for immediate assessment and correction or, at a more convenient time and location, by recalling the information from memory. This simple-to-use feature reduces calibration and maintenance times and eliminates human errors.

When used in conjunction with calibration management software, the DPI 615 Calibrator greatly reduces the financial and resource burden imposed by quality systems such as ISO 9000. As work orders are issued, object lists and procedures are downloaded to the GE DPI 615 pressure calibrator. In the field, these procedures configure the pressure calibrator for the tests. The errors and pass / fail status are reported and recorded in memory (as found or as left results) for later upload to the software. Calibration certificates can then be printed and plant maintenance systems updated. The whole documenting process is completed in a fraction of the time it takes using manual systems and without human error.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Versions Available

The DPI 610 / 615 Calibrators are available as a pneumatic calibrators with pressure ranges from -22 inHg to 300 psi with an internal pump that generates both pressure and vacuum. The pneumatic calibrator is compatible with most common gases. The hydraulic calibrator generates pressures up to 6000 psi via an internal screw pump and can read up to 10,000 psi from an external source. It is compatible with demineralized water and most hydraulic oils.

The standard instrument package includes carrying case, rechargeable battery pack with charger, calibration certificate, manual, electrical leads, and other required components such as pump, volume adjuster, and vent valve (depending upon calibrator model).