DPI 800/802 - Pressure Indicator and Loop Calibrator - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

The DPI 800 Pressure Indicator is hand-held, lightweight pressure test and measurement instrument ideally suited for technicians that are in the field performing work such as calibration and repair, installation, maintenance, as well as in various manufacturing environments. A GE Druck DPI 800 / 802 pressure indicator and loop calibrator used in conjunction with a pressure source from the GE Druck range of hand pumps provides a simple and cost effective calibrator for gages, indicators, and recorders.


GE Druck DPI 800 Pressure Indicator:

Pressure Test and Measurement

The GE Druck DPI 800 pressure indicator provides pressure test and measurement with pressure ranges of 10inH2O to 10,0000 psi (25 mbar to 700 bar) including vacuum options.

Other features of the GE Druck DPI 800 pressure indicators include:

  • Dual Sensor Configuration - Extended measurement range and simultaneous two channel reading (P1 and P2 or P1 - P2)
  • Stainless Steel Sensor Construction - Available for compatibility with a wide range of fluids and gases
  • Programmable Leak Test - Reports the pressure drop and leak rate
  • Advanced Features: Hold, max/min/average, alarm, and tare facilitate troubleshooting


GE Druck DPI 802 Pressure Loop Calibrator:

Pressure Instrument and Loop Maintenance

The GE Druck Druck DPI 802 pressure loop calibrator provides simultaneous pressure and mA measurement and loop maintenance.

  • 24 Loop Power Supply - Energizes transmitters and control loops
  • Automatic Switch Test - Captures open/closed trip values, which provides a fast and highly accurate "safety system" check
  • HART Resister - Can be switched into the loop when required by a HART digital communicator and avoids the inconvenience of carrying a 250Ω resistor.


IDOS “Plug and Play” Pressure Modules

Every GE Druck DPI 800 pressure indicator has an IDOS compatible port for connecting remote IDOS (Intelligent Digital Output Sensor) measurement modules. These include pressure sensors with ranges available from 1psi to 10,000 psi. This feature provides users with a number of unique advantages, for example, expanding the range of the GE Druck DPI 800 pressure indicator with remote measurement modules or providing a second measurement channel for pressure-to-pressure applications. IDOS measurement modules are interchangeable between any IDOS compatible instruments without calibration or set-up. They are true "plug and play" modules and are compatible with other GE Druck products such as the DPI620 Genii, PACE1000 Series of Digital Indicators and more.