DPI 812 RTD Loop Calibrator - DESCRIPTION 
by Druck

The DPI 812 is the ideal tool for the test, measurement and loop maintenance of your temperature instrumentation. It measures or simulates RTD sensors and is the ideal tool for checking probes, indicators, recorders and controllers.

The DPI 812 offers Automatic Detection of Two-, Three- and Four-Wire RTD’s, quickly detects faulty sensors and wiring, provides pulsed RTD transmitter compatibility simulation mode, provides simultaneous RTD output and mA measurement for transmitter/loop maintenance, 24V Loop Power Supply to energize transmitters and control loops, Automatic Switch Test capability in that it captures open/closed trip values providing a fast and highly accurate “safety system” check. Finally it has an internal HART Resistor (which can be switched into the loop when required) by a HART digital communicator and avoids the inconvenience of carrying a 250 Ω resistor.