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Common to all DPS Models: All standard Edgetech DPS models are designed for use with positive pressure sample gas. An vacuum pump option is available for sample extraction for near ambient pressure samples. The standard DPS heated sampler includes a sample flow meter/valve, SS/ TF tubing and fittings, integrated heater and emergency thermal shutoff circuit – all housed within an insulated NEMA 4 enclosure. A Power ON-OFF switch is located on the analyzer electronics enclosure. The sample inlet is equipped with an externally mounted VAC powered heated sample hose (1/4T) to ensure no vapors condense into the sampling lines. A sintered metal filter is provided within the heated enclosure to help prepare the sample gas for measurement. The NEMA 4 painted steel enclosure is heated by an internal heater system and maintains a temperature above that of the sampled gas The temperature of the heated package is maintained by a control module located on the front panel of the electronics enclosure. The temperature may be adjusted via accessible buttons on the control module without the need to access the interior of the enclosure. An optional “Loss of Sample Flow” alarm is also available for all models to detect a clogged filter, malfunctioning pump or sample line blockage.

DPS3: The DPS3 heated chilled mirror hygrometer system includes an HTS2 heated 2 stage sensor. This integrated system consists of two enclosures. An IP65 plastic enclosure that includes a microprocessor based electronics is mounted to the door of the sampling system. Button access to the microprocessor electronics is available to enter the analyzer software setup. The door of the analyzer electronics enclosure must be opened to access the buttons. Changes may be The DPS3 is configured with the HTS2 (2 stage chilled mirror) dew point sensor – designed for use in high temperature environments.