OxyTrans - Two Wire Process Oxygen Transmitter - DESCRIPTION 
by Edgetech Instruments

4-20 mA Loop Powered Two Wire Oxygen Transmitter
The Edgetech Instruments Model OxyTrans is an easy to use, accurate and economical way to measure Oxygen at trace and % levels. A simple display and one point calibration allows for a quick start of the instrument.

Measuring Range
The unit will offer ranges between 0-100ppm, 0-1,000ppm, 0-10,000ppm of oxygen. 0-1% to 0-25% O2.

The OxyTrans uses a special fuel cell to measure the oxygen concentration. The sensor meets the industrial requirements for accuracy, sensitivity, easy to use and operating life.

The calibration of the instrument for trace oxygen measurements in gas should be done with a known calibrated gas. The concentration can be chosen freely within the measuring range.

Flow-Through Measuring Cell in Stainless Steel
The measuring cell is modular and made of stainless steel. A defective measuring cell can be repaired by replacing the defective part only, rather than the complete unit.