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SENTRY-Plus/Pro - Compressed Gas Alarm System - DESCRIPTION
by EdgeTech Instruments

The SENTRY is available in two versions, the SENTRY-PLUS and the SENTRY-PRO. Both versions offer the four-measurement parameter capability of the HP125 Humidity Probe. The SENTRY system continuously monitors both pressure and dew point and provides a warning system to alert an operator should there be a pressure loss or dryer failure. It consists of a sensor control display module, signal cable and a SMART, Multi-Sense Probe. Using the supplied 1/2 inch Male NPT pipe fitting, the probe is inserted directly within the compressed air system header, accumulator tank, or at the point of use. To facilitate maintenance and maintain safety, we highly recommend the use of the CAM compressed air module. The CAM provides a tap point into the sample point (3/4 inch female pipe thread) via a ball valve that allows you to isolate the Probe from the pressurized process during servicing. Another feature of the CAM is the secondary metering valve that allows you to draw off a very small, metered sample of gas past the Sentry probe for measurement of pressure and dew point.

HP125 Probes:

  • HPB125:  Barometric Pressure / RH / Temperature / Calculated Dew Point
  • HPP125:  Pressure / RH / Temperature / Calculated Dew Point


    • Relative Humidity ±1.8% @ 23°C (0 TO 90% RH)
    • Temperature:  ±0.5°C
    • Dew Point:  ±1°C for –10°C to 95°C DP and + 2°C for –60°C to –10°C
    • Pressure:  ±1 mbar @ 25°C (600 to 1200 mbar) / ±5mbar (-40°C to +125°C)