Intecal Calibration Software - OVERVIEW
by Druck


Features and Benefits

  • Windows based software
  • 4-tier user security ensures data integrity and tracks maintenance actions
  • Supports Asset, Device or Tag based instrument definitions
  • Stores instrument details, procedures and results
  • Compatible with controllers, indicators, portable calibrators and temperature calibrators
  • Maintenance scheduling utility
  • Calibration certificates including customization
  • Manual calibration tool supports older non-compatible equipment
  • Automated support for equipment with FCINTF hardware drivers
  • Two options are available: Intecal Basic for Portable Calibrators or Intecal Advanced for Portable Calibrators and Laboratory Instruments

Intecal supports Druck pressure, temperature and electrical equipment and provides users with significant benefits:

  • Increases calibration/maintenance productivity
  • Automates the calibration process.
  • Optimizes production quality
  • Minimizes production costs.
  • Reduces the burden of ISO 9000 and similar quality, safety and environmental standards.
  • Reduces documentation time and errors.