PACE1000 Precision Pressure Indicator - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

The new PACE precision pressure indicator brings together the latest measurement technology from GE to offer an elegant, flexible and economical solution to pressure measurement for test, calibration and monitoring.

PACE employs digitally characterized pressure sensors which offer the quality, stability and precision associated with this latest generation of piezo-resistive and resonant devices.

PACE1000 offers a wide choice of standard pressure ranges, with three levels of precision to ensure that PACE1000 can accommodate specification and budget requirements.

The color touch screen display of the PACE1000 can be configured by a user to indicate up to three pressure measurements from a possible five sensor inputs; three internal sensors and two external universal pressure modules.

The indication configuration extends to an ability to display in a numeric or graph format and also a differential of P1-P2 if more than two sensors are installed. The indicated display can be logged over a customized time period, sample rate and trigger. All the pressure sensor measurement can be re-transmitted via one of the communication ports.

The Airfield task is supplied as standard with the Barometric option and enables the user to display QFE, QFF or QNH in pressure units or as altitude in feet or meters.