PTX600 Series Pressure Sensing Platform - DESCRIPTION

PTX600 Series Pressure Sensing Platform - DESCRIPTION
by Druck 

For critical applications in industrial and research environments, the PTX 600 Series of two wire, 4 to 20 mA output pressure transmitters offers high levels of stability, versatility and measurement accuracy from a robust device.

Druck's well-proven silicon technology has been developed to provide a miniature micro-machined diaphragm which is electro-statically bonded to a glass substrate and stitch bonded within a glass-to-metal seal assembly to provide exceptional thermal and stress isolation.  The glass-to-metal seal is completed with an electron beam welded Hastelloy C276 isolation diaphragm and 316 stainless steel pressure port.  The reduced internal volume of this assembly and advanced design features of the sensor significantly improve the stability and thermal performance of the transmitter.

The two-wire electronics incorporate power supply regulation and amplifier stages with independent zero and span controls, reverse polarity and over voltage protection, with an RFI bulkhead providing feedthrough filters within the body tube assembly.

The PTX600 Series features high accuracy, 0.08% FS Best Straight Line for the combined effects of non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability, to fully represent operating conditions, the thermal effects are expressed as a maximum change in output from the calibration at room temperature.

Features of the Druck PTX 600 Series Pressure Transmitter:

  • Gauge configuration (sealed gauge for pressure above 1000 PSI; Absolute for 11.5 to 17 PSI model)
  • Zero Offset and Span Setting: ±5% site adjustable by sealed, noninteracting potentiometers
  • Transmitter Supply Voltage: 9-30VDC
  • Pressure Connection: 1/4" NPT female
  • Output Current: 4-20mA (2-wire configuration)
  • Temperature Effects: Less than 0.5% FS over 15° to +122°F; Typically 0.3% FS, 15° to +122°
  • Industrial plug/socket electrical connection