PV411 - Pressure and Vacuum Hand Pump - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

The PV411A "four-in-one hand pump' is a high quality, field proven, pressure and vacuum hand pump providing functionality never before seen in a hand held pressure source, replacing four conventional hand pumps.  The PV411A is designed for hydraulic operation with distilled water (no alcohol) and mineral oil equal to 40 weight.  However, for combined hydraulic and pneumatic optations, it is recommended to use distilled water for hydraulic operation.

  • Unique vacuum priming function removes trapped air during hydraulic operation
  • High pressure generation is accomplished with the volume adjuster, eliminating the physical effort associated with conventional hand pumps
  • Pressure/Vacuum selector valve also provides exceptional fine control pressure relief in both pneumatic and hydraulic modes
  • Tamper proof adjustable overpressure protection valve which can be set to relieve pressures from 300 to 10,000 psi
  • Removable hydraulic reservoir which can be disconnected from the pump without draining the fluid
  • Reservoir safety feature with spring loaded top cover vents if inadvertently pressurized above 8 psi
  • Hydraulic mode designed to operate with distilled water and/or high viscosity mineral oil
  • Highly sensitive volume adjuster is used for hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum and low pressure operation
  • Built-in stroke adjuster controls the pressure/vacuum generated per stroke
  • 240° swivel head for optimum viewing of reference indicators
  • Internal moving parts are PTFE anodized for reduced friction and wear
  • Ergonomic, rugged and lightweight design with comfortable hand grip