PV621-IS, PV622-IS, PV623-IS Pressure Generation Stations - OVERVIEW
by Druck


Each intrinsic safe pressure station is designed for stand-alone operation as a pressure generator and can replace conventional hand pumps to provide greater efficiency and ease of use. They can also be used on the workbench as comparators.

There are three pressure generation stations:

1) PV621-IS:  Intrinsic Safe, Pneumatic Pressure Generator (pressures 95% vacuum to 20 bar (300 psi))
2) PV622-IS:  Intrinsic Safe, Pneumatic Pressure Generator (pressures 95% vacuum to 100 bar (1500 psi))
3) PV623-IS:  Intrinsic Safe, Hydraulic Pressure Generator (pressures up to 1000 bar (15000 psi))


Features and Benefits:

  • Made with Intrinsic Safe Materials
  • Pressure measurement and generation (Pneumatic or Hydraulic)
  • For pressures from vacuum up to 15,000psi
  • Compatible with IPM620-IS Intrinsic Safe pressure modules and DPI620 Genii-IS Intrinsic Safe Multifunction Calibrator
  • Standalone replacement for hand pumps
  • Bench-top use as comparators
  • When used with the GE Druck IO620-COMP and DPI104 makes a pressure station