Special Purpose RTD Sensors - OVERVIEW

Special Purpose RTD Sensors - OVERVIEW
by Pyromation

(SP02) FEP-Coated RTD Assemblies
The assemblies listed below are designed for a broad range of applications that require resistance to corrosion and chemical attack. They provide very good temperature measurement and service life in plating, pickeling, and acid bath applications. The stainless steel sheath is coated with FEP and includes a fused FEP tip for excellent corrosion resistance. 

(SP03) Heat Tracing Temperature Sensors
Heat-tracing temperature sensors are made for use in systems that measure the surface temperature of process pipe that is carrying products whose temperatures must be controlled to prevent freeze-up or to maintain a viscosity level so that the inner medium will flow. These sensors are offered with either Thermocouple or RTD sensing elements inside 316SS sheaths, and with a 3/4" radius stainless steel mounting pad. Cold legs are available in customer-specified lengths to accommodate pipe insulation thickness.

(SP06) RTD Averaging Sensor
The averaging RTD sensor listed below measures the temperature over the entire sheath length to provide an average temperature measurement of the cross sectional area of air ducts, room gradient temperatures, and other low temperature averaging applications. The sensing element has a resistance output that conforms to a 100 Ω platinum element with a 0.003 85 ºC-1 temperature coefficient within a measurement range of (0 to 100) ºC [32 to 212] ºF. The RTD sensors are available in copper or 316 stainless steel sheath materials and can be supplied in various lengths up to 800 inches. All RTD sensors 48 inches and longer will be shipped in a coiled configuration. The sensors on this page can be provided with a (4 to 20) mA Transmitter integrally mounted inside the available enclosures.

(SP07) Thermostat Temperature Sensors
The Pyromation thermostat temperature sensors are provided with the sensor, or the sensor and a (4 to 20) mA temperature transmitter, mounted on a subplate within a standard size thermostat housing. The thermostat housing measures 2 3/4"h x 4 1/2"w x 1 5/8"d and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically on a 2" x 4" electrical handibox. The cover is vented on two sides to provide for airflow over the sensing element, regardless of mounting position. The standard temperature sensing elements are available as a fluoropolymer insulated thermocouple or a three-wire RTD. Matching transmitters are available for all configurations and output ranges.

(SP08) Variable Length RTD Sensors
The sensing elements listed on this page can be cut to any desired length over 3 inches by using an ordinary tubing cutter. All sheaths are provided in 316 stainless steel.