Com.Air Dew Point Monitor for Compressed Air Systems - OVERVIEW

Com.Air Dew Point Monitor for Compressed Air Systems - OVERVIEW
by EdgeTech Instruments

Standard Features:

  • RUGGED Housing designed for challenging manufacturing environments
  • Compact (does not take up a lot of space on your work floor)
  • Easy, simple to use. Virtually Plug-and-Play
  • Readily accessible Chilled Mirror Sensor allows for quick maintenance
  • Want to make a change? An entry window allows access to easy adjustments
  • Valved flowmeter located on front panel shows sample flow
  • Audible alarm with mute switch
  • Large, bright LED digital display
  • PRIMARY STANDARD MEASUREMENT: Chilled Mirror measurement technique
  • NIST Traceable calibration certificate
  • Automatic Balance Cycle (ABC) automatically re-standardizes and corrects for contaminants
  • MABC: Manual ABC w/ easy access button on front panel
  • Two selectable Analog Outputs (4-20 mA , 0-5 VDC scaleable) & RS-232 Serial Interface
  • One programmable electrically isolated alarm relay
  • Universal VAC Power Input


  • Compressed Air
  • Furnace/ Heat Treat Applications
  • Fluidized Beds
  • Dryer Systems
  • Plastics: Blow Mold-Injection Mold
  • Pharmaceutical Process
  • MAP Systems
  • Power and Energy Systems