UNIK5000 Pressure Sensor - DESCRIPTION

UNIK5000 Pressure Sensor  - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

The UNIK 5000 is a high-performance, configurable solution for pressure measurement. Micro-machined silicon technology and analog circuitry enable best-in-class performance for stability, low power, and frequency response. The new platform lets you easily build your sensor to match your needs. This high-performance, configurable solution to pressure measurement employs modular design and lean manufacturing techniques.
High Quality:
The combination of a high-technology sensor, together with advanced signal conditioning and packaging techniques, provides an ideal long-term solution for reliable, accurate, and economical measurements.
Bespoke as Standard:
Custom-built from standard components, manufacturing sensors to your requirements is fast and straightforward; each UNIK 5000 is a “bespoke” pressure sensing solution, but with the short lead times and competitive pricing you would expect from standard products.
We have the people and the knowledge to support your needs for accurate and reliable product performance; our team of experts can help you make the suitable sensor selection, guiding you and providing the help and tools you need. Ensuring that the sensor material and performance selected are suitable for your application is vital.