OVERVIEW - Adroit Pressure Sensor Platform (manufactured by Druck)

The ADROIT6200 is a high-performance pressure measurement sensor.
With a Druck silicon pressure sensor core coupled with the latest digital processing capability, ADROIT offers levels of accuracy previously unavailable in a device of this type. The sensor provides a full suite of pressure measurement, including gauge, absolute, and differential references, and pressure ranges from 200 mbar (2.90 psi) to 350 bar (5,000 psi). It's packaged in a small, 19 mm diameter, fully welded 316L stainless steel body.  The result is a best in class pressure sensor with superior performance in the harshest environments.
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    Druck PACE Pressure Controllers

    Druck PACE Pressure Controllers - are a great fit for many applications due to the high accuracy and control stability of the pressures they output and control.

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