1500 - Portable Battery Powered Dew Point Hygrometer - ACCESSORIES  
by EdgeTech Instruments

EdgeTech -  Filter Kit  (P/N:  FIL)
Filter kit:  includes fittings and additional elements; rated for 0.1 micron particulate



EdgeTech - Extra Filters  (P/N:  DX)
Additional box of filter elements, quantity 3.

EdgeTech - Transport Case (P/N:  CASE1630)
Rugged Transport Case with foam padding.


EdgeTech - Sample Cover  (P/N:  SCOVER)
Sample Cover:  Flow Through Cover for D-Probe, low pressure (near ambient pressure sample gas)

EdgeTech - High Pressure Sample Chamber  (P/N:  SC1)
High Pressure (up to 100 psi gauge) Sample Chamber for D-Probe type sensors.
EdgeTech - Cap for S-Type Sensor  (P/N: SC/S)
Screw On Replacement Sensor Cap for the S-Series Chilled Mirror Sensor Type
EdgeTech - Cover for D-Probe Sensor  (P/N: SC/O)
Slide On Replacement Sensor Cap for the D-Probe Chilled Mirror Sensor