4Sight2 Calibration & Asset Management Software - OVERVIEW

4Sight2 Calibration & Asset Management Software - OVERVIEW
by Druck

4Sight2 is your next generation solution for calibration and asset management.
The 4Sight™ 2 Calibration software is a web-based calibration management tool that was developed in-house at Druck. It is equally effective for single-use or global multi-site operations while being easy to use, cost-effective and scalable. 4Sight2 helps you maintain and control your calibration environment to the highest standards of metrology.

This software can be used for the following purposes:

  • Working with all Druck pressure, multifunction, and TC Series Temperature portable calibrators, as well as PACE Pressure Controllers and Indicators
  • Using Google Chrome web browser on any PC or tablet provides full visibility of available assets, instruments, and resources that affect your site
  • Managing the calibration of measurement devices for a specified business location
      1. Set-up a schedule of calibration work for technicians
      2. Upload and download data to and from the BH Druck (DPI620, DPI620 Genii, DPI620 Genii-IS, DPI611 and DPI612) portable calibrators that have a USB communication function
      3. Manage the calibration records for devices that are not supported by a portable calibrator (Manual Data Entry)
      4. Inspect your calibration history records. You can also make a permanent record of each calibration certificate. (Example: for ISO 9000 quality control procedures.)