About Calibration Pumps and Pressure Sources

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Calibration pumps and other pressure sources provide a means for side-by-side comparison of readings from both the unit under test and a traceable reference gauge working as the standard. Compatible with multifunction calibrators or used as standalone devices, calibration pumps include mounts for both gauges. As pressure is generated, the unit under test can be directly compared to the reference gauge and adjustments made as needed.

Rugged and portable, pressure pumps serve as an excellent means to spot check the accuracy of pressure gauges, sensors, transmitters and transducers in the field for applications in which ultimate accuracy is not required.

Questions to Consider When Buying a Pressure Calibrator:

  • What devices are to be calibrated?
  • What level accuracy is required?
  • What pressure range is required?
  • Where will calibrations be performed? In a lab? The field?
  • Do calibrations need to be traceable to NIST or another organization?
  • What fitting, hoses, adaptors and other accessories are needed?