ADROIT6200 (62DX) Pressure Sensor (Micro DIN) - ACCESSORIES

ADROIT6200 (62DX) Pressure Sensor (Micro DIN) - ACCESSORIES
by Druck

Druck - ADROIT6000 Interface Box (P/N:  ADROIT-Interface)
For use with a Windows-based PC or an Android device (laptop, tablet, or phone). It enables the user to make small adjustments to the sensor's zero and span settings for calibration purposes and is supplied with a USB lead to USB-C (Android device) or USB-A (laptop).


Druck - Test Leads Set - UPS-III (P/N:  209-359)
Set of 2 off 4mm leads and crocodile clips for connection to the ADROIT6200 sensor.  2 sets are required for a calibration.  Also used as test lead set for the UPSIII loop calibrator.  


Druck - Micro DIN Mating Connector (P/N:  192-257-01)
Extra Set (one supplied with each sensor).
4-pin - Micro DIN (9.4 mm Pitch) connector kit, mates with the "D" male electrical connector on ADROIT 62DX and UNIK50DX pressure sensors


    Druck - UNIK5000 Cable Assemblies
    Select either Polyurethane or Raychem as your cable type; for use with UNIK5000 pressure sensors with electrical connectors as follows:  

    • 6 ==> MIL-C-26482
    • A ==> MIL-C-26482
    • E ==> MIL-C-2648
      (alternate wiring, cable color signal definitions will be different)
    • F ==> MIL-C-26482
      (alternate wiring, cable color signal definitions will be different)
    • 7 ==> DIN 43650
    • D ==> MICRO DIN (9.4 mm Pitch)
    • G ==> M12 x 1 4-Pin

    Starting at:  $88.50


    PIC - COOLING TOWER (for pressure gauges / transducers)

    • Designed to Protect Pressure Sensors or Instruments in High Temperature Applications
    • Can reduce media temps by up to 150° F, 200° F or 300° F (depending on model selected)
    • 1/4" or 1/2" NPT connections only
    • 316 Stainless Steel
    Starting at: