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Level TROLL 400 - Components and Accessories

Some might be required for the operation of your product, and some may not. We strongly advise that you carefully consider each item for purchase unless you already own a suitable alternative.

Replacement Sensors / Maintenance Kits

In-Situ - Replacement pH/ORP Sensor for the Aqua TROLL 400:  P/N  0060000)
Allows the pH/ORP sensor to be replenished.


In-Situ - Maintenance Kit for the Aqua TROLL 400  (P/N:  0092350) 


In-Situ - D.O. Field Calibration Kit - RDO (sub 2")  (P/N:  0080830)
For use with TROLL 9500 and Aqua TROLL 400, includes bubbler w/ adapter and 500 ml Sodium Sulfite


In-Situ - Replacement Restrictor Kit  (P/N:  0092360)
For use with Aqua TROLL 400 and SMTP

In-Situ - pH and pH/ORP Replacement Reference Junction Kit  (P/N:  0059620)
 (3 Junctions, 60mL fill solution)
In-Situ - RDO Classic Sensor Cap Replacement Kit  (P/N:  0084230)



In-Situ - Rugged Cable Splitter (Vented:  P/N 0095500, Non-Vented:  P/N  0085840)
The Rugged Cable Splitter is a cable accessory that uses the twist-lock connector. It splits off a single female twist-lock connector to attach an In-Situ instrument.


In-Situ - TROLL Cable Extender  (P/N:  0051490)
Used to make the cable longer. 


In-Situ - RuggedCable® Systems (for Level & Aqua TROLL)
RuggedCable provides real-time data communication for In-Situ instruments. RuggedCable is manufactured to endure harsh environments and provide reliable communication for years. Every cable includes patented twist-lock connectors and Kellems grip.
Prices Start at: $149.00


In-Situ - 7-inch Rugged Android Tablet  (P/N:  0061150)
Use the 7″ Rugged Android Tablet with the VuSitu Mobile App and your Aqua TROLL, Level TROLL, or smarTROLL instrument for instant data and spot-checking results. .


In-Situ - Wireless TROLL Com  (P/N:  0031240)
The Wireless TROLL Com provides wireless communication between a cabled, deployed Aqua TROLL or Level TROLL instrument and a PC/laptop or Android mobile device. You can use the Wireless TROLL Com as a replacement for a standard wired TROLL Communication Device. 


    In-Situ - TROLL Com Bundle (P/N:  0052500 or 0052510)
    The TROLL Communication Device comes in two flavors, both have USB cable, and a CD ROM for the software, but one model comes with communication cable, the other a programming cable. 


    In-Situ - Outboard Desiccant for Stripped-and-Tinned Cables  (P/N:  0051380)
    Designed for use with the RuggedCable system, instruments, and battery packs, the Outboard Desiccant attaches to the vent tube of the stripped-and-tinned cable. 

    In-Situ - Desiccant Refill Kit  (P/N:  0029140)
    The Desiccant Refill Kit gives you 52 grams of replacement-indicating desiccant for the Large Desiccant, Extra Large Desiccant, and the Outboard Desiccant.


    Aqua TROLL 500/600 Maintenance Kit (P/N:  00789400)
    Includes o-rings/grease, tools, wiper brush and screws, desiccant and lens cloth.