AT9000-Differential Pressure Smart Transmitter

Manufactured by: Azbil North America


  • Reference Accuracy: up to +/-0.04% of calibrated span
  • Long-term Stability: +/-0.1% of URL for 10 years
  • Speed of Response: under 100 msec.
  • LCD Display: 5 digit, user configureable. Optional Local Zero/Span Adjustment.
  • Ranges


  • Unique characterization and composite semiconductor sensor provides high accuracy and stable operation for years to come.
  • Wide rangeability means you can cover more of you applications with less inventory, saving you money.
  • A diverse product offering, including measurement ranges, process connections and working pressure ratings are available to meet your requirments
  • Fast Response time of under 100 msec makes the AT9000 suitable for pressure control in turbine applications
  • User-customizable interface can measure and display in the units you decide are right for your application
  • Bilingual communication capability (HART & DE Protocol) makes AT9000 the choice for plants with a mixed DCS installed base.