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BaroTROLL Data Logger - Barometric Pressure
Manufactured by:  In-Situ


    • Titanium construction
    • Outputs:  4-20 mA, SDI-12, or ModBus
    • Sub-1 inch diameter for easy fit
    • NIST calibration report
    • Accuracy:  +/-0.05% FS from -5 to 50° C (23 to 122° F)
    • Can be used effectively over 3.5 square mile area and altitude delta of 350 feet with negligible effect on correction factor accuracy (subtracting the barometric reading from an absolute submersible pressure sensor).

    Works with following models of submersible pressure level sensors:

    • In-Situ Models:  Level TROLL and Aqua TROLL (non-vented, absolute pressure referenced sensors) water level loggers
    • GE Druck Models:  1800 Series Submersible Pressure/Level Sensors (absolute pressure referenced sensors)
    • GE Druck Models:  UNIK5000 Submersibles (503X, 504X) (absolute pressure referenced sensors)