Calibration Services

The recommended period for recalibration is once every year for most SensorPros products, (sensor or instruments), although it can vary.  To find out the calibration interval:

  1. For the particular Brand (or particular Product Type), select the "Calibration Services" product category, then select the Calibration Service.  Then, underneath the "Overview" tab, the details are listed about how often to calibrate OR: 
  2. Check the calibration sheet provided with the sensor or instrument to see when it is recommended for recalibration.

Procedure for Calibration Service with SensorPros:

TO START:  For the particular Brand, (or particular Product Type) select the "Calibration Services" product category, then select the Calibration Service.

1)  Generate your Request for Quotation (RFQ):

  • Press the "Configure Options" button to request a quotation for the items you want calibrated
  • Add to your shopping cart, then press the red button, "Request a Quotation."
  • Fill out the form and be sure to write a note in the text box with special instructions, like what you want calibrated, how many units and other details
  • Press the "Submit Quote Request" button to send the RFQ to us
2)  Quotation and RMA form:
  • SensorPros will generate a quotation and send it back to you within 1 business day, along with an RMA form
  • Print the RMA form and Fill it out completely

3)  Purchase Order and RMA form:

  • Please Fax or E-mail the RMA form along with a Purchase Order for the calibration services desired to SensorPros:

               SensorPros FAX #:  925-937-6853

               SensorPros E-mail:

  • SensorPros will reply by sending you an RMA number and shipping labels
  • NOTE:  All items returned for credit or repair must be shipped prepaid

4)  Getting the Calibration Work Done:

  • Please ship your equipment to the address shown on the SensorPros RMA form
    • Depending on the product brand and whether you select standard or expedited service, typicallly, your items will be calibrated and returned to you with 1-2 weeks, although it can vary by product brand.


    • Items returned to SensorPros without an RMA approval will be denied for service and returned to you.
    • The calibrations performed are time-sensitive and, therefore, non-refundable.