PACE Control Modules (CM1/CM1-B) High Accuracy Control Modules - DESCRIPTION

PACE Control Modules (CM1/CM1-B) High Accuracy Control Modules - DESCRIPTION 
by Druck

The PACE control modules slide into back of the Druck PACE5000 (single channel) and PACE6000 (dual channel) pressure controller chassis.  The control modules are interchangeable between chassis and the modular design allows users to simply plug in the modules for simple and immediate use. Having a range of these modules increases the versatility of the PACE series.

Features Include:

  • Interchangeable, robust control module that is easily installed into a PACE chassis
  • Calibration data stored in the control module (only the CM needs to be sent away for re-calibration)
  • High-speed pressure control
  • Wide choice of pressure ranges
  • Choice of standard, high or premium pressure measurement precision
  • Barometric reference is available to enable pseudo-gauge absolute indication & control
  • Aeronautical version